Title: How to Determine If You Have a Sensitive Scalp

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The scalp is one of the most sensitive areas of our body, thanks to the large number of nerve endings and receptors that respond to various stimuli. Scalp sensitivity can vary for every individual, and understanding whether your scalp is sensitive can be useful for proper hair and skin care.

  • Response to touch. One way to determine scalp sensitivity is to try a light touch on different areas of the head. Gentle and delicate finger movements on the scalp can provoke various sensations. If you feel unusual pain, discomfort, or even a headache with a light touch, it could be a sign of a sensitive scalp.
  • Reaction to shampoos and care products. Using shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products can reveal your scalp's sensitivity. Some people with sensitive skin might experience tingling, itching, or irritation when using certain products. This might indicate a sensitive reaction of your scalp to different chemical components.
  • Reaction to external factors. Scalp sensitivity can also change depending on external factors, such as: weather, wind, sun, cold, or heat can affect your scalp's reaction. If you easily feel discomfort or even pain when exposed to these factors, it might indicate a sensitive scalp.

Scalp sensitivity is an individual characteristic that can vary for every person. Understanding the level of your scalp's sensitivity can help you choose the appropriate care products and prevent discomfort and irritation. How to determine the scalp skin type is shared in the following article.

How to Choose Care for Sensitive Scalp Skin?

When selecting products for sensitive scalp care, it's important to pay attention to their composition. Avoid products with aggressive chemical components, artificial fragrances, and dyes. Choose hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners with gentle ingredients that don't irritate the skin. However, if you're having trouble finding a suitable shampoo for sensitive skin - then on our website, you have the opportunity to use an innovative system for automatically selecting the perfect shampoo.

Our development will allow you to precisely determine the suitable shampoo depending on your skin type, skin sensitivity, and the presence of potential allergens.


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